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Server upgrade available

Some parts of solution can be upgraded:
  • skat-server: from 7.5.85-focal to 7.5.133-focal
  • skat-mobile-api: from 7.4.20-focal to 7.4.44-focal
  • skat-rate-server: from 7.0.5-focal to 7.0.11-focal
  • skat-admin: from 7.5.78-focal to 7.5.92-focal
  • skat-operator-web: from 7.0.63-focal to 7.0.78-focal
  • skat-database: from 7.20.36-focal to 7.20.41-focal
  • skat-cabinet: from 7.0.9-focal to 7.0.11-focal
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